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When our lives return to normal; one thing we can do now for our pets, dogs particularly, is reduce the risk of separation anxiety. For the past little while our pets will have become accustomed to us and the rest of the family being home. Naturally they’re receiving loads of extra attention. The danger is what happens when normality returns?  

Reducing the risk of separation anxiety is a kindly thing to do right now.  It may feel somewhat against the grain however being aware of the possible impact of separation anxiety and trying to reduce this risk is the right thing to do.  

Try to give your pet some free time from the family.  Do this gradually, 10% of the day, then 20% and over the next month try for around 30% of the day.  It won’t be easy and when you have kids at home it is even harder. 
Not isolating your pet but using a sensible approach.  Allowing your pet some time outside, never as a source of punishment, more a place where they can entertain themselves with a favourite toy or alternative and allowing them routine away from the family will help greatly in the readjustment back to regular life.

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