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Nan had lived in difficult times.  Born during the depression, living through WWII she raised 7 children whilst nursing her husband as he lived with the effects of PTSD when it wasn’t a recognised disease. When pop cashed in his chips, I’m sure the guys at the burial home were thinking of embalming him due to the amount of VB long necks and whisky bottles he’d knocked over in his lifetime.  She’d worked at least two job keeping her kids in school and food on the table.  I remember knowing she was old, I mean she was my mums mum and I thought my mum was old, but she never seemed to get any older. Every time I went to see her, she seemed to look exactly the same as the last time I saw her.  Is that the same for all grandma’s?  I would ask my mum and she’d just laugh and say I hope so.

My fondest memory of going to visit nan was catching up with her little dog Morag.  She reminded me of the Dorothy’s dog from the Wizard of Oz.  Morag was like a mini tornado; she would spin round and round when I went to greet her.  Morag would play outside with me for hours and often she and I would be outside while nan and my mum sat in the kitchen, having a cuppa and chatting, looking at the two of us out in the background.  Morag would let me put her in the stroller and walk her around me pretending she was my baby.  I would walk up and down the street on the footpath with Morag sitting up with a blanket to keep her warm.  The little dog never gave a yelp, never complained and to me, just like nan, she never seemed to get any older, always looking the same the next time I saw her.  Morag was a tiny little Cain terrier, blacker than brindle and you could scope her up with one hand.  Nan had got Morag as a rescue dog not long after pop had passed on.  She would go everywhere with nan and was always looking to see if nan was looking at her.  She slept in nan house by the heater and sat on her lap whilst she watched the news.

Nan once told me that Morag was her best friend and without her life would be very dull and lonely.  I always remembered that and vowed to always have a dog in my life.  Morag introduced me to what life was like with a dog and I could never imagine my life without one.

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