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I emigrated to Australia early last year. After being in this great country for over a year the decision to stay was an easy one.  For as long as they will have me the longer, I want to be here.  I’ve a good job, nice people to work with and joining the local soccer team has meant I’ve made a few mates. Once work is done and the soccer team only train one night a week, I have way too much time and not enough love to fill it.  I live alone, my immediate family still live in our native England.  Being honest I’m not great at meeting new people, more shy than outgoing and the idea of sitting alone in the bar doesn’t really float my boat. 

“Get a dog” said one the guys I play soccer with.  I’ve never had a dog before, but the idea sounded pretty good. Not knowing what to do I started asking around at work.  The overwhelming feedback was to get a rescue.  I didn’t realise there was such a thing, as it turns out you can go to your local dog pound where people drop of dogs they no longer want or can’t look after any longer, very sad but true.

After a few weeks I took a day off and went to the dog pound about 20mins from where I live.  What a revelation.  Such amazing dogs and just as amazing people caring for them.  I had a bit of an epiphany whilst there. The poor things are a bit like me.  They have plenty of other dogs around to keep them company but it’s not what they’re really wanting.  They want a human friend, someone to love and spend time with.  I saw my own life reflecting in theirs.  Although it was my choice to leave my family I felt the pang of distance and rejection at times and these guys would be feeling the same. 

After an hour or so I picked a dog.  He was an older guy and the girl at the pound told me he was a bit of everything.  That’s a mixed breed dog and this guy was a mix, he seemed to me to have a bit of every dog in the pound in his personality which I was I settled on him.

6 months on and we’re doing great.  He’s settled into my life as if I raised him from a pup.  Why anybody would drop this guy is beyond me, their loss my gain.  He comes to training with me and the boys at soccer have named him Lionel after Lionel Messi.  He’s filled the gap and it feels like we’ve always been mates. 

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