Separation Anxiety & Pets

When our lives return to normal; one thing we can do now for our pets, dogs particularly, is reduce the risk of separation anxiety. For the past little while our pets will have become accustomed to us and the rest of the family being home. Naturally they’re receiving loads of extra attention. The danger is […]

Lionel the rescue@Andy

I emigrated to Australia early last year. After being in this great country for over a year the decision to stay was an easy one.  For as long as they will have me the longer, I want to be here.  I’ve a good job, nice people to work with and joining the local soccer team […]

It takes a village@JB

My wife and I were at odds about getting a dog.  We had two kids under six and we were both a little overwhelmed. Having a dog was important to both of us, we’d grown up with dogs and we wanted our kids to grow up with one however we were putting it off thinking […]

Morag she’s nan’s dog@Millie

Nan had lived in difficult times.  Born during the depression, living through WWII she raised 7 children whilst nursing her husband as he lived with the effects of PTSD when it wasn’t a recognised disease. When pop cashed in his chips, I’m sure the guys at the burial home were thinking of embalming him due […]

Bella the Staffy @ Gemma

When my children began begging for a puppy, I was nervous. I work full time and have two kids, so the thought of bringing a puppy into the house, ensuring it would not starve to death or run away were legitimate questions I needed answering. So; I did what any ignorant person would do and […]

Rusty when dogs pick you @ Renee

I was, well still am, the youngest of three daughters.  Although there is only 4 years between my eldest sister and I, I’ve always been called the baby, my dad still calls me bubs.  We grew up in the northern suburbs of Sydney and back in the summers of the late 60’s early 70’s much […]

Booz the hero @ Brett

Booz the hero dog I love this idea of sharing stories about our dogs with other dog lovers.  We tend to share over a few drinks or a coffee at the local shops however they get lost in the competitiveness of our fellow pet parents.  My story probably isn’t hugely inspiring.  Our dog didn’t go […]

Mal the bitsa with a winning style.

Back in early nineties; South Melbourne was a working-class eclectic suburb. Located close to the shores of Port Philip bay just south of Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne boarders the leafy and wealthy wedges of Middle and Albert Park. Back in the day South Melbourne’s skyline was dominated by housing commission high rise whilst underneath the […]